Did you join the Elektor Video Olympics yet?

October 9, 2017 | 15:15
Did you join the Elektor Video Olympics yet?
Did you join the Elektor Video Olympics yet?
As you certainly know, the Elektor Video Olympics are currently in full swing and there is still time to participate. Did you build an Elektor project? Or maybe you read an Elektor article and would like to voice your opinion? Liked it? Hated it? Modded or improved something? This is your chance to let us know and reap a reward for it. Capture your Elektor experience on video, enter the Elektor Video Olympics and run off with the Grand Prize!

You don’t have video skills? Or that's what you think? No problem at all. We do not expect professional quality (H/B)ollywood-style productions, just take out your mobile phone and start filming. As an example, we did a quick & dirty video with a smartphone and posted it on Elektor's YouTube channel.

No editing, no rehearsing, no scripting, it was shot straight from the hip and uploaded. Anyone can do this, you too!

So, no excuse to not participate. Just do it!  (Hey, did anyone file copyrights that cool slogan?)

All the contest details are here…
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