In the highly anticipated next instalment of ‘The Distrelec Webinar Series’, Distrelec, leading European distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, has announced its collaboration with leading manufacturer of open-source technology Arduino on Thursday 23rd May.
Drawing from experience with Arm and Cortex-M, Dominic Pajak, VP of Business Development at Arduino, will lead the webinar session, discussing rapid IoT (Internet of Things) system design with Arduino technologies. Passionate about making technology accessible to everyone, Pajak will provide solution seekers and innovators interested in adding remote sensors or control capabilities to their products, logistics solutions or infrastructure, with cost-efficient and effective learnings. Covering connectivity selection, instant IoT sensor hardware, security principles, software quickstart and integration to third party cloud and business applications, the session will encompass a full end-to-end approach to IoT system design.
Pajak has commented on his involvement with ‘The Distrelec Webinar Series’, stating; “With the accelerated pace and importance placed on evolving IoT technologies, a wide network of companies, from established enterprises to innovative start-ups, has turned to Arduino for end-to-end solutions that include hardware, software, connectivity and cloud technology. Arduino’s involvement in ‘The Distrelec Webinar Series’ will seek to further grow the Arduino community, and share simple and practical solutions for curious technological minds.”
Steve Herd, Head of Customer Development and Product Management at Distrelec, has stated; “Arduino has developed a very loyal and active community over the past decade, offering makers, hobbyists, students and industry professionals easy-to-use and accessible hardware. Through ‘The Distrelec Webinar Series’, Distrelec hopes to connect our own network of dedicated customers with the tools and resources Arduino’s community can offer, to assist them in exploring exciting innovations and new technological solutions”.
To register for ‘The Distrelec Webinar Series: rapid IoT system design with Arduino’, please follow this link.