Distrelec, leading distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, has empowered software developers to quickly and reliably develop highly precise drive systems by adding the entire TMC2590 range from Trinamic, leading manufacturer of motion control systems, to their web shop.
From chip to evaluation board, the TMC2590 driver for two-phase stepper motors offers an industry-leading feature set, inclusive of high resolution micro-stepping, sensorless mechanical load measurement, load-adaptive power optimization and low-resonance chopper operation.
Jonas Proeger, Marketing Director at Trinamic, has stated, “Designed to meet standards expected for use in factory and lab automation, 3D printing, liquid handling, textile machines and many other automated systems, Trinamic’s TMC2590 technology allows for a simple initial start-up to keep motors turning, full access to all registers as well as full functionality and diagnostics.“
Using an external N- and P-channel MOFSET for motor currents from 1A up to roughly 8A, the TMC2950 offers standard SPI and Step/Dir interfaces. This design feature allows the technology to simplify communication and stand-alone configuration options.
Steve Herd, CEO at Distrelec, has stated; “Our software engineers demand products that allow their projects to work efficiently, smoothly and quietly. With Trinamic’s TMC2590 range fully stocked and readily available, we can support them in finding the solution they need, faster than ever.”
The Trinamic TMC2590 range is available via the Distrelec web shop.