Distrelec first to market with Mikroe’s EasyPIC v8

September 4, 2019 | 14:00
Distrelec first to market with Mikroe’s EasyPIC v8
Distrelec first to market with Mikroe’s EasyPIC v8
In response to a growing number of engineering developers requiring industrial single board computers (SBCs), Distrelec, leading European distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, is first to market with Mikroe’s new technology, the EasyPIC v8. New to Distrelec’s supplier network, Mikroe are experts in manufacturing fully equipped hardware and software technology, allowing rapid prototyping capabilities.
Designed for the rapid development of embedded applications, the EasyPIC v8 is a development board packed with innovative manufacturing technologies to assist in the efficient production of proof of concepts and prototypes. Based on the 8-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs), the new EasyPIC v8 is equipped with a highly advanced programmer/debugger module, a reliable power supply module and a huge set of connectivity options including USB, USB to UART and CAN.
The board’s interactive components are divided into logically grouped sections, saving design engineers’ time when prototyping. With a wide range of useful interactive options, such as high-quality buttons with selectable press levels, LEDs and pull-up/pull-down DIP switches all packed onto the development board, the EasyPIC v8 can reliably deliver a more fluid and immersive working experience.
Nebojsa Matic, CEO at Mikroe, has stated; “We want engineers to rest assured that no matter what your skill level is, the power to achieve something great is enhanced with the right tool. Distrelec will be driving force to convey Mikroe’s new meaning of prototyping.”
Steve Herd, Head of Customer and Product Management at Distrelec, has stated; “Distrelec has seen an obvious shift in the development board market towards more industrial use. Our strategic alliance with Mikroe allows us to continue to deliver our promise of understanding each customer’s unique requirements, and connecting them with the products and tools they need to get the job done.”
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