Developed for use in ATE systems in production and automated process control systems with high power requirements, EA sets new standards in power electronics with the bundled power density of their new EA-10000 Industrial Series.

With the new products, EA Elektro-Automatik, a worldwide manufacturer of DC power supplies for R&D and manufacturing, focuses on the essentials in the industry’s interest: power density. The 60 kW models output maximum voltages from 360 V to 2000 V and maximum currents from 80 A to 480 A, the 30 kW models feature maximum voltages from 60 V to 2000 V and maximum currents from 40 A to 1000 A.  In total, 21 models offer the maximum power of 60 kW and 29 models the 30 kW power. Thanks to increased performance, the number of power supply units required for a high-power system can be reduced, saving important space in the rack and providing more power in a smaller area. A primary priority of the new products is the availability for space-saving, lower-cost solutions with an emphasis on safety and low operating costs. All models feature overcurrent, overvoltage, overpower and overtemperature protection functions.
Up to 64 power supplies and loads of the EA-10000 Industrial series can be connected in parallel via the master-slave bus. This allows one unit to control all others in the system, which can reach up to 3.84 MW. The system can consist of any combination of EA-10000 series unit models. A galvanically isolated share-bus interface in each unit ensures that all units share load requirements safely, so that all units in the system are equally utilised. The 60 KW output in a single enclosure also allows the number of power units required for a high-performance system to be reduced, saving both significant acquisition costs and rack space. The absence of a front panel display also reduces further investment costs. All EA-10000 Industrial Series units run the same firmware and have similar input and output characteristics. The common programming and user interface saves time when designing and setting up test and control systems that require multiple power units. True autoranging allows the unit to deliver higher voltage at lower currents and higher current at lower voltages. This gives access to wider voltage and current ranges, allowing more equipment to be tested without having to use more power units. The optional built-in function generator simplifies the task of simulating different devices and creating sequences of outputs or inputs to meet key test standards. No external devices are required to generate waveforms. Furthermore, the EA-10000 Industrial Series units work effectively in PC-controlled test systems and PLC-controlled industrial processes. Each unit has a comprehensive set of galvanically isolated interfaces.
By introducing the EA-10000 Industrial Series, EA Elektro-Automatik provides industry with energy and taking a further step towards efficiency and sustainability with these high-performance, high-tech devices.
The power density breakthrough