Now available in the Elektor Store is the May & June Edition of Elektor Magazine. Packed with the usual array of articles, projects and reviews it’s definitely not one to miss. As always, you can get a printed copy sent straight to your door with no shipping costs at all, or our GOLD or GREEN Elektor members can download the completely identical pdf copy here. So why not get your copy (and maybe even a membership if you don't have one) today! 

This issue is jam packed with things to keep you entertained and informed. One of the highlights is an article dedicated to a Li-Ion charger. This article focuses on the construction of a charger that is compatible with individual cells found in old batteries that could be perfect power supplies for your own projects!

Another highlight in this edition is an article on the "4 channel, 2 flavour remote control". This article focuses on remote controls that need to exhibit higher levels of control than usual, for example when running a few servos for controlling a model planes rudder, elevator, aileron and all the other bits. The article looks at constructing the complex remote control and all its elements —- this will definitely keep you busy!

Also included in this edition is an article about the BBC micro:bit for electronicists. This article focuses on the little computer and its uses, features and advantages and how this configuration can keep up with the bigger models.

And if all that wasn't enough to keep you busy, Edition 3/2017 also reviews the Andonstar USB microscope, Experiments with Tesla coils, looks at the Second edition of "Windows Controls Arduino" and explores the Microphone Preamp with Professional specs, plus much, much more. Still including the usual concoction of projects, articles and reviews as well as the Projects, Retronics (on the Commodore PET) and Labs, this edition will keep you going for ages. So get your copy today to enjoy all of this, and more!