The first electric racing team of the University of Twente, Electric Superbike Twente, on 25 May 2018, revealed their brand-new motorcycle: the Liion-GP. The design is completely according to the team's design and specifications. The Liion-GP will demonstrate how fast electric transport can go.

The fifteen students have, in only nine month's time, created the design, tested the components and built a complete motorcycle. From the beginning of June 2018 it will be extensively tested in preparation for the races in the MotoE competition in England and the Netherlands.

Tour de force

A technical tour de force is the integrated design of the electric motor into the frame. The electric motor, as well as the frame and the swing arm are a completely new design. Placing the electric motor into the frame made the frame stiffer. This approach also saved some space, so that more battery capacity could be added. The electric motor was designed such that it should be able to keep up with a 600-cc motorcycle on the Assen race track.


Not only the technical parts (frame, battery pack, electronics), but also the bodywork is completely of own workmanship. The required air cooling and ergonomics were also taken into account. In addition, the motorcycle must have, of course, visual appeal to enthusiasts.

Team manager Tim Veldhuis: “It is amazing how much the team has achieved in such a short time! It feels great to show what is possible with the present state of technology. We are proud of the design, and our pride will only increase when we take part in the races this summer.”

The first race is on 8 July 2018 in Pembrey in the United Kingdom. Here and during the other races the motorcycle will race around the track at speeds of 250 km/h.