Elektor April 2013 Edition Published

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor April 2013 Edition Published
Elektor April 2013 Edition Published

Hot of the press and now on publication worldwide, the April 2013 edition of Elektor magazine contains an interesting project inspired by the smartphone: the pattern lock. This is a lock where you slide your finger over the screen following a specific pattern to unlock the phone. Our pattern lock is implemented without a touch screen and without fancy graphics programming. We build one from blue LEDs, a tiny microcontroller and the odd bit of capacitive touch technology. Check it out and add this cool gadget to your front door or gate. Your house will be the coolest on the block and all the burglars will drop by to admire your lock and give it a try.


Here is the table of contents for the latest edition of Elektor magazine:

  • Elektor World
  • Pattern Lock
  • 500 ppm LCR Meter (2)
  • Elektor Linux Board Extension
  • Arduino on Course (5)
  • Universal Driver for Power LEDs
  • Thermo Book
  • DIP Accelerometer Module
  • Gadgeteer
  • Handlebar Heating
  • Frontline Breaking News
  • Quartz Killer
  • What’s cooking?
  • LDO replacement THT
  • Virtual Money
  • Retronics: The Curse of the Collector
  • Hexadoku
  • Gerard's Columns: Mind Altering


The April 2013 edition is on sale now in the Elektor web shop and in selected bookshops and kiosks (subject to transport delays). The magazine does not contain any April spoofs the editors are aware of.


Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can download their digital copy from the Elektor.Magazine website. Former PLUS subscribers can log in using their customary Elektor Plus login data. All other members can log in using their e-mail address and membership number.

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