Elektor Business Edition (EBE) offers innovators, electronics engineers and startup companies essential information and insights into the latest products, research and intelligence from the industry. Elektor Business Edition 2/2018 for April and May has a focus on Industry 4.0 and Automation and is now available as a free PDF download for Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members.

From the contents:

Automation Meets IT with CDP Studio
Industry 4.0, IIOT, new intelligent sensors and data volume, have led to an increasing overlap between industrial IT and industrial automation. Industrial computers are already used for applications where additional processing, number crunching, logging, vision recognition or simply protocol conversion is required. A new trend is the introduction of reasonable priced competitive small controllers with a Linux application environment.

Debugging Cortex with ARM Keil Development Tools
JTAG works by taking control of the processor and injecting instructions into the CPU. By downloading a series of instructions over the JTAG interface debug primitives can be constructed. While this provides an excellent low cost debug interface it needs to halt the processor to update any debug information.

Which Protocols Will Succeed in the IIoT?
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to support a new era of smart industry. Founded on the notions of openness and interoperability, easy scalability and ‘Big Data’, it can help enterprises drive significant operational improvements across their various manufacturing and business processes.
The Internet of Things Gets Going
The question of the security of transmission paths and the data generated in the IoT environment is becoming increasingly important. With Sensor2Cloud Unitronic offers a compact solution concept that includes secure data transmission and storage in the cloud.

ESP32 for Use in Industry 4.0 Equipment
Industry 4.0 as an industrial variant of Internet of Thing means the technological
migration of existing production systems into versatile networked, automated systems controlled by smart algorithms. According to a forecast by Markets & Markets, the market for components and services will develop to a volume of $152 billion by 2022.

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