Elektor Business Edition (EBE) offers innovators, electronics engineers and startup companies essential information and insights into the latest products, research and intelligence from the industry. EBE Edition 1/2018 for January and February has a focus on Embedded, Microcontrollers and Tools, and is a special edition for the embedded world trade show in Nuremberg. 

From the contents:

The Reason Behind the Hugely Popular ESP8266?
What is the reason behind the success of the ESP8266 and… the huge interest in the new offspring from Shanghai? Why not ask the CEO of Espressif directly?
Deep Learning Architecture
Machine Learning needs massive computing power, which is usually provided by a combination of a powerful GPU and an up market CPU. Automatic learning is not a new concept, but continuous advances in computing power are making it a reality. AI (Artificial Intelligent) allows gadgets to interact with their environments much more intelligently.
25 Functions for 25 Cents
Texas Instruments’ new MSP430™ value line sensing MCU family enables you to implement simple sensing solutions through a variety of integrated mixed-signal features. To add to these low-cost MCUs, TI created a library of code examples for 25 common system-level functions, including timers, input/output (I/O) expanders, system reset controllers, electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) and more.
Benefits of Database Software for Embedded Systems and IoT Devices
What are the challenges in developing and maintaining an embedded database library? What advantages does SQL aff ord developers of C/C++ applications? Do you know what performance bottlenecks a device will face when deployed to capture a large amount of data?
From Sensor to Sunset: a Quick Start for the IoT
On Arrow’s comprehensive portfolio of technology from sensors, wireless connectivity, gateways to cloud platforms, data ingestion, aggregation and visualization, analytics, and security.
Intuitive Use Makes All The Difference
Machines simplify our everyday life in many different ways. But for this to work smoothly and for the machines not to be so complicated that they present us with insurmountable obstacles, the human-machine interface must be kept as simple as possible.

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