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  • IoT Security Needs Attention: Unless more engineers focus on IoT security throughout the design process, we’re likely to see an increase in IoT product hacks in 2018 beyond. A whopping 22% of engineers who design Internet-connected systems do not focus on security, according to a recently released survey from the Barr Group. Learn More
  • Here Comes WPA3: The Wi-Fi Alliance recently announced WPA3 is replacing the imperfect WPA2 security protocol. Although the Alliance will maintain WPA2, WPA3 will; provide “robust protections” for users who don’t follow password recommendations; enable simplified configuration for devices without a display or a limited display; provide individualized data encryption for users on open networks; and more. Learn More
  • Intel Expands Bug Bounty Program: On the heels of last month’s announcement that that billions of CPUs are susceptible to the Meltdown and Spectre attacks, Intel announced this week that it is expanding its Bug Bounty program. No longer invitation only, the program is now “open to all security researchers.” The program also includes a side-channel award. Intel
  • Google to Buy Xively: We continue to see innovation and growth in the IoT. This week, Google announced it intends to acquire LogMeIn’s Xively for $50. LogMeIn purchased Xively for $12 in 2014. Google 
  • Processor Sales Expected to Hit $74 Billion: Research IC Insights recently announced that it projects the microprocessor market to increase 4% this year and it reach $74.5 billion. Driving the growth are embedded processor and mobile S0C MPU sales. IC Insights 
  • Innovative New Robotics System Learning Kit: Texas Instruments recently launched a robotics learning kit aimed at university students. The company’s Robotics System Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) comprises a robot kit (including the SimpleLink MSP432 MCU LaunchPad development platform) and curriculum, which students can use to build and code their own robotics systems. Texas Instruments
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