Elektor has Regrown its Hyperactive Xmas Tree

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor has Regrown its Hyperactive Xmas Tree
Elektor has Regrown its Hyperactive Xmas Tree

Gone are the candles of old (a fire hazard we can all do without!) that might have adorned a Christmas tree in times past. On the other hand the miniature light bulbs and LEDs that have become so commonplace during Christmas time just won't cut it for many an electronics enthusiast.


Maybe you're allergic to traditional Christmas trees, or perhaps you want to make the leap to a fully digital Christmas this December: whatever the reason, we've got a Hyperactive LED Xmas Tree kit for you to stuff your stocking with!


With 56 LEDs that can display a festive light show for more than three-quarters of an hour, this cutting-edge yuletide ornament is gauranteed to keep everyone, from pets to kids to adults, feeling the Christmas spirit.


The magic happens – as is to be expected with this kind of circuit – through the software, meaning that the microcontroller will illuminate the tree in a variety of mesmerizing patterns. For double the fun, you can even join two of these trees together and have them work in tandem; with intricate, playful light running back-and-forth between them! This is a sure-fire way to make all your neighburs pine-tree green with envy when it sits atop your windowsil.


The software required to power the tree can be downloaded FREE from the Elektor website (see the link below). There are separate versions for the left and right trees, so do keep that in mind when programming. Of course, if you're content to have just the one tree as your Christmas center-piece, then it doesn't matter which version you program into the PIC.


This year, we've stockpiled the kits ourselves so you can order directly from us! You take advantage of no less than 35% discount! Elektor's Hyperactive Xmas Tree is only available as long as our stock(ings) last, so order quickly and have a very Merry Elektorized Christmas!

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