The title basically says it all — Elektor proudly introduces the world’s very first book on the BBC micro:bit, the credit card sized computer with an ARM processor on it. The micro:bit was designed by a group of 29 partners for use in Computer Education in the UK. Based on the Cortex M0 processor, it measures 4 x 5 cm and includes a variety of sensors, 25 LEDs, 2 programmable switches, Bluetooth connectivity, a micro USB socket, 5 ring type connectors and a 23-pin edge connector.

The book provides an in-depth look at the BBC micro:bit computer and how it can be used in practical projects using a variety of different programming languages. The book gives a brief introduction to the Touch Develop and MicroPython programming language, and gives 35 examples of tried and tested projects using these languages — plenty to keep you going. 

To help you on your way with these projects, Elektor are offering two discount bundles: one including the BBC micro:bit experimenters kit, and one including both the experimenters kit and the micro:bit board — both with a substantial 15% discount! 

So get your book or bundle today, and be the first to learn all about the BBC micro:bit — the future of technology.