UPDATE: We found a name! Check out the article about it:

In addition, together with Messe Munich, under the label Fast Forward Awards we offer young start-ups the opportunity to present their innovations and business at the largest electronics trade fair in the world. We offer them our platform, our network and our advice to grow faster and get in touch with the right people. 

We are proud of this. And it's therefore not for nothing that we changed our pay-off last year from Learn > Design > Share to Design > Share > Sell. Where we expressly mean that the Elektor Shop is also at the service of our community.


In order to reinforce the latter, we have expanded the online Elektor LAB with a new add-on which we have fondly called 'Elektor Kickstarter'. The reason for this is quite obvious; we first test the viability of a project as a product in the Elektor Store with our own supporters. 

A project that is suitable for this purpose can be registered as (Elektor Kickstarter) by its creator. If the project passes the Elektor commission, we will discuss a price and the minimum amount we should be able to sell for the project to be viable. We then see if there are enough people to 'back' the project to actually start production. 

We do all this without any actual money flowing back and forth. It is a commitment that can simply be waived. However, only the backers get the first chance to purchase the product at a nice discount as soon as it appears in our shop.

Impossible name

No matter how nicely it covers what we are trying to achieve (and with great respect to the actual ‘Kickstarter’ concept), with a name like Elektor Kickstarter we'll obviously never get away. We also thought of 'The Elektor Pledge', but that name didn't make it either. That is why we thought it would be nice to ask our own community to think along with us in order to come up with a good name for this new feature. 

In addition to the eternal fame, the creator of the final name will receive a nice voucher worth 100 euros ready to spend in the Elektor Store. 

Send your suggestion here to our LABS community manager Clemens Valens and he will, completely impartially, collect the best suggestions and select a winner! You may participate as much as you like!

Of course, we will also give this election some more attention in our upcoming editions!