In response to the interest in the LCR meter shown by our readers during the Jumpstarter campaign, Elektor has prepared and released the Elektor LCR Meter Kit, which guarantees the best possible experience with such a measuring device. Each kit is manufactured by an industrial assembler and the two included boards are verified individually. This ensures that they work well before shipment. Here is an update about the kit.

LCR Meter Feedback

Three months after the launch of the Elektor LCR Meter Kit, we have only had one failure out of the hundred or so kits currently in circulation. It was caused by a defective integrated circuit. Yes, it happens that an analog-to-digital converter prematurely fails shortly after the start of the operation. Luckily, it could be replaced quickly, and the repaired card returned to the customer the same day, with our apologies for this incident, which was beyond our control. 
Elektor LCR Meter Kit
Elektor LCR Meter Kit

We are pleased to mention here that the buyer is a prototype laboratory of a large French aeronautics company, which Elektor is happy to count among its satisfied and understanding customers. Who better than these specialists know the vagaries of electronic components?
The testimonies of the buyers and the feedback from the users of the LCR Meter have led Jean-Jacques Aubry, its designer, to propose a new version of the firmware (3.0.0) now available for download (check the archive AU2019 - Device programs 2021-12-10). This update brings some corrections and improvements that will probably go unnoticed by the user and others whose benefit is perceptible when using it, mainly in the so-called PC mode. Check the project page on Elektor Labs under Update from the author / LCR6 version 3.0.0. The adoption of version 3.0.0 is not mandatory but strongly recommended. 
The User Manual has also been updated (3.3). Even if you already have the device in working order, you will find in this new version includes interesting information and clarifications concerning the Kelvin clamps and the measuring accessories (test fixtures).
A nice example of the application of the Elektor LCR-meter can be found in a recent video from Great Scott.

Self-made SMDTest Fixture

Shortly before the end of 2021, a reader ("ssm mil”) had published a comment and a picture of a beautiful Test Fixture that he made himself for his LCR Meter. For additional details, refer to the comment “AD8099ARDZ substitute.”
Self-made SMD test fixture
Self-made SMD test fixture similar to Agilent's model (Source: ssm mil on Elektor Labs)

More About the Elektor LCR Meter

Elektor has published some helpful articles and videos about the LCR Meter. Here are the links.