It's that time again - the new edition of Elektor Magazine is now available for you to purchase. You can either choose to get your copy in print, posted directly to your door completely free of charge, or purchase the digital edition (PDF). Elektor GOLD and GREEN Members can download the completely identical online version, i,e, all 132 pages, front to back, here.

One exciting article featured in this edition is the Spiral MicroTesla project, focusing on the Tesla technology and showing you how to create Hollywood-style sparks from the comfort of your living room! Using USB power, this intermediate level project will keep you entertained for hours. 

Also included in this edition is the DIY kitchen scale - an ElektorLABs project. Inspired by a post describing the making of a scale from an ATmega328 microcontroller, a load cell, a load cell interface board, an LCD and some software, our engineers were managed to transform this in to a working and useable kitchen weighing scale. This project talks you through how to make it so you too can make your own kitchen scales. Another LABs project included in the edition is the Raspberry Pi Internet Radio. This project shows you how to use the Raspberry Pi to listen to any online radio station without forking out on a dedicated internet radio. 

Another ex-LABs project included in this edition is the Weather Display. This project looks at how a modern microcontroller with suitable peripherals can quickly fetch relevant and current weather data from the internet and present the results in colour, along with a realistic weather forecast. This project is definitely not one to miss and can save you trawling round the usual weather sites for your daily forecast!

As well as these exciting projects, the November and December 2017 edition also boasts the usual array of Retronics (on the Wang 320SE), Features and Projects ilike a Failed Fuse Indicator, Traffic Signals for Modern Railroads, a Spy Camera Detector and much, much more. So get your copy today so you don't miss out on anything!