We are welcoming in 2016 with the availability of Elektor’s January & February 2016 edition for purchase either as a printed magazine or as a front-to-back pdf document. With free shipping for the printed magazine, it can be sent directly to you for no cost at all.

Edition 1/2016 continues to boast the same page layout of the previous editions, so you will still be able to see the improved graphics density and utilize our LEARN, DESIGN, SHARE pillars. Our Content, however, is as original as always and includes Labs Projects and Reader’s Projects, as well as courses, reviews, and of course a dose of Retronics, this month on a Tektronix 503 vintage oscilloscope. Plenty to keep you entertained!

Highlights of this edition include a review of 2015 through the eyes of electronics experts, an active crossover article illustrating the reasons to build your own high-end loudspeakers based on an all-active approach, and the first part of the EAGLE Tips & Tricks course that will introduce you to ULP and show you how to program EAGLE the way you want it.

This edition will also bring you an article detailing eRIC Nitro, a wireless enabled Arduino board and competition winning piece of equipment made reality by the Elektor Team. This easy radio transceiver module is a big hit with the team and an interesting module to explore.

We also have a great competition using NFC and organized by Elektor and STMicroelectronics. Elektor GOLD members will get a free NFC tag containing an ST25TA02K chip from ST. We are also offering the opportunity to win one of over 500 prizes by simply tapping your NFC-capable smartphone with your NFC tag! Not to be missed out on!

For those who want some more variety, this edition also contains a Fridge Thermostat calibration, Magnetic field simulation with FEMM and the second edition of Windows on the Raspberry Pi. And of course we have included all of our updates and news stories to peak your interest and keep you in the loop of what’s going on here at Elektor.

Printed copies of edition 1/2016 (covering January and February 2016) can be ordered directly from the Elektor Store at no charge for P&P, until the publication of edition 2/2016.

The digital version of Elektor's latest edition is available for instant download by GOLD and GREEN members here.