Whether you are a professional engineer or weekend maker, you likely work with embedded systems. For this reason, we dedicate an entire edition of Elektor Mag to that broad topic each year. Check out the March/April issue, which includes articles on embedded solutions, artificial intelligence (AI), and dozens of other topics.
Elektor March/April 2023: Embedded and AI
The March/April 2023 edition of Elektor Mag

Inside the March/April Issue

In the second edition of 2023, we dive into a wide variety of topics. We have something for everyone: DIY projects, an intro to TinyML, DVI on the RP2040, and much more.
  • Cloc 2.0: The Alarm Clock You've Always Wanted
  • Microcontroller Documentation Explained (Part 1): Datasheet Structure
  • What’s Next for AI and Embedded Systems?: Tools, Platforms, and Writer Replacements
  • RP2040 PIO in Practice: Experiments Using the RP2040’s Programmable I/O
  • An Introduction to TinyML
  • DVI auf dem RP2040: Ein Interview mit Luke Wren, Chip-Entwickler bei Raspberry Pi
Embedded and AI: table of contents
Table of contents
  • Poor Man's ChipTweaker: We Have (Low-Budget) Ways of Making You Talk
  • USB True Random Number Generator: Two PICs for the Price of One AVR
  • Pimp My Mic: Self-Designed Level Booster
  • FFT with a Maixduino: Frequency Spectrum Display
  • From Life’s Experience: Design Logic (or Non-Logic)
  • UCN5804 Stepper Motor Driver: Peculiar Parts, the Series
  • Circuit Simulation with Micro-Cap: First Steps in a Complicated World
Poor Man's ChipTweaker
Poor Man's ChipTweaker
  • My First Software-Defined Radio: Built in Less Than 15 Minutes
  • Digitizing Vertical Farming: Infographics: Embedded and AI Today and Tomorrow
  • JetCarrier96: A Versatile NVIDIA Jetson Development System
  • Case Study: Taking EV Charging Global with a Universal RFID Solution
  • High-Performance in Every Class: Computer-on-Module Standards
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Let’s Get Active!
  • I²C Communication Using Node.js and a Raspberry Pi: See Your Sensor Data in a Browser
Edge Impulse Training
Edge Impulse provides feedback on accuracy, speed, and memory. (Source: Edge Impulse)
  • Video Output with Microcontrollers (2): VGA and DVI Output
  • The Metronom Real-Time Operating System: An RTOS for AVR Processors
  • Display HAT Mini: Show the Weather Forecast on Raspberry Pi!
  • PAUL Award 2022: Young Technical Talents and Their Creative Solutions
  • WEEF 2022 Awards: Celebrate the Good
Pico DVI Sock schematic
Pico DVI Sock schematic

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