Elektor magazine edition May & June 2020 is now available. Interested in topics such as a DIY open-network weather station, artificial intelligence essentials, solar PV cell monitoring, and GitHub? We’ve got you covered with in-depth project articles, tutorials, and much more. 

Inside the Elektor May & June 2020 edition

“Elektor’s English edition quietly reached number 500 in March 2020 and Elek­tor Germany turns 50 this month. Both are unique successes in the industry, precisely because many readers have remained loyal to us for decades. But especially in these times, this should not be a reason for Elektor to rest on its laurels. On the contrary, wires and brain cells are glowing. For example, I can divulge that new offers and media formats are in active development to inform all electronics technicians in an even more targeted way.  Stay tuned and above all, stay healthy!” – Jens Nickel (International Editor-in-Chief, Elektor magazine
Elektor May/June 2020
Take a look inside!
Elektor magazine May & June 2020 includes a wide variety of articles and projects:
  • Open-Network Weather Station Mk.2
  • How-To: GitHub for Dummies
  • TMS0280 Speech Synthesizer
  • Developer’s Zone: Tips & Tricks, Best Practices, and Other Useful Information
  • Small Circuits Revival: Capita Selecta from the Elektor Project Suggestions Box
  • Analog Electronics Design (3): Case Study #1: Preamplifier response optimization and trade-offs
  • Steeped in Electronics: Lead-free soldering and EU regulatory zeal
  • Retronics: Elektor 1.2 GHz Multifunction Frequency Meter (1992/93)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Beginners (1): Object recognition using the Maixduino board
  • Start-Up Update: The Elektor Investment Program
  • Review: Joy-IT HD35 Electronic USB Load
  • Review: The PeakTech 6080 A Lab Power Supply
  • Universal Triac Control Module with ATmega
  • My IoT Button: A Button for the Web (2) Part 2: Prototyping with board and cloud
  • BASIC for the ESP32/ESP8266 (2): An hourglass with the ESP8266 and Annex WiFi RDS
  • BalBot: A Self-Balancing Robot
  • Tamper-Evident Box
  • Elektor New Precise Nixie Clock Revisited
  • Practical ESP32 Multitasking (3): Software timers
  • SigFox and the IoT (4): Setting up a dashboard
  • CAN Bus + Arduino for Solar PV Cell Monitoring
  • ... and more.

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