It’s that time again – our July & August 2017 edition is now available for purchase! You can get your printed copy posted direct to your door for free, with no shipping costs at all.
This issue is packed full of things to keep you entertained. Right on trend, we have an article on the nWatch - how to build your own smart watch. This article looks at a smart watch that doubles up as a microcontroller development board - not one to miss. Also included is the Audio DAC for Raspberry Pi - an article delves in to the world of small stand-alone network audio players, the lack of choices on the market and how to build your very own using Raspberry Pi. Not only that, but there is a LabProject about the FPGA DSP Board for narrowband SDR, detailing the FPGA-based digital signal processing board featuring everything necessary to do baseband processing of traditional narrowband models like SSB/CW and AM, solving many of the issues and limitations seen in simpler SDR platforms.
As if this wasn't enough to keep you busy, there is also an article about PCB Design, the second edition of the BBC micro:bit for Electronicists, an article teaching you how to make a temperature dependent fan control (Keep Cool with an ATtiny) and much much more. This article boasts the usual array of projects, articles and reviews for your reading pleasure, as well as the usual Projects, Retronics and Labs. So get your copy today and enjoy it all in the comfort of your home!
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