Elektor September/October 2020 is now available. Interested in topics such as ESP32 multitasking, artificial intelligence (AI), PIC programming, audio amps, and home automation? Check out the current edition for DIY project articles, engineering tutorials, in-depth product reviews, and much more. 
Elektor September/October 2020
The Elektor September/October 2020 is here. 

Inside the Elektor September/October 2020 Edition

“Elektor is not only appreciated by its readers worldwide for its mixture of theory and
practice. We also have a great blend of in-depth articles and content for beginners. From the
many reader e-mails we receive, as well as direct conversations, I know that these articles
are not only read by ’beginners’. Advanced readers also use them to refresh or round-out
their knowledge. In this issue, you will find our popular small circuits series “Starting Out
in Electronics” as well as an article explaining how, as a newcomer to electronics, you can
create your first computer-drawn circuit diagrams. The step-by-step instructions for the
simple CAD program EasyEDA are taken from our special “Getting started in electronics
with Arduino” book by Florian Schäffer. It will also be available in English shortly.” – Jens Nickel (Editor-in-Chief, Elektor magazine) 
Elektor September/October 2020
Inside the Elektor September/October 2020 edition.

Elektor magazine September/October 2020 includes a wide variety of articles and projects: 

  • USB to S/PDIF Interface
  • Practical ESP32 Multitasking (4): Binary semaphores
  • A Wireless Temperature Sensor for the Nixie Bargraph Thermometer
  • Multitasking with Raspberry Pi
  • Timer for Headphone Amplifier
  • Open-Network Weather Station MK.2: Part 2: Software
  • Home Automation Made Easy 
  • The Storage CRT
  • Artificial Intelligence for Beginners (3): A stand-alone neural network
  • Programming PICs from the Group Up
  • Ikea Lamp Hack
  • The 8-Bit Micrcocontroller and Beyond
  • Review: OWON OW18E Bluetooth Multimeter
  • New 50 Hz – 2 MHz LCR Meter
  • How to Draw a Circuit Diagram

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