Wireless- and communication-related solutions are ubiquitous: in our homes, in our workspaces, in our vehicles, and in our pockets. In the September/October 2023 edition we dive into a wide range of wireless topics, including wireless communication in the IoT, LTE-M and NB-IoT, the LoRa protocol, and much more. Enjoy!
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Inside Elektor September/October 2023

Wireless design solutions and communications protocols are important to professional engineers and makers alike. The September/October 2023 edition of Elektor Mag includes articles, engineering tips, project ideas, and technical insights on subjects such as wireless MCUs, LoRa, Matter, and a cloud-based energy meter.
Elektor Sep/Oct 2023 table of contents - Wireless and Communications
  • MCU Wireless Communication Made Flexible: EEPROM Opens Networking Prospects for Wireless MCUs
  • Raspberry Pi Pico as Spectrum Analyzer: FFTs on a Low-Cost Hardware Basis
  • Is Cellular the Lowest-Power Option for IoT?: LTE-M and NB-IoT Energy Requirements in LPWAN Deployments
  • Wireless Communication in IoT Systems – Using Arduino MKR Modules: The Right Board for Wi-Fi, LoRa, and Many More Standards
  • ±40-V Linear Voltage Regulator: An Alternative Power Supply for the Fortissimo-100 Power Amplifier… and Others!
  • Cloud-Based Energy Meter: With ESP32 Module and PZEM-004T Voltage/Current Sensor
  • LoRa, a Swiss Army Knife (1): The LoRa Protocol and Its Advantages
Stand-alone spectrum analyzer based on two Pico boards.
Stand-alone spectrum analyzer based on two Pico boards.
  • Matter Adoption: What does it take to deploy Matter devices?
  • €5,000 Up for Grabs! Join the STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest
  • A Bare-Metal Programming Guide (Part 2): Accurate Timing, the UART, and Debugging
  • 2023: An AI Odyssey: Getting Started with ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter
  • Adjustable Current Sink with Integrated Clock Generator: Test Power Supplies, Voltage Converters and Batteries
  • Two New Arduino UNO R4 Boards: Minima and WiFi
  • Logarithmic Potentiometers: They’re Exponential!
  • Motor Driver Breakout Board: A BoB for a 5 A DC Motor Driver with a 3×3 mm Size
  • From Life’s Experience: Hazardous Electronics
SDR Time Signal Receiver - wireless edition Elektor
SDR time signal receiver
  • AC Losses in Magnetic Components: Avoid Hot Inductors!
  • Measurement for Optimal Cloud Deployment
  • YARD Stick One: A Sub-1 GHz Wireless Test Tool
  • Latching Relays: Peculiar Parts, the Series
  • PIC O’Clock – In Touch with Time: Designing an SDR Time Signal Receiver
  • Due Diligence Directive: Business as Usual Will Not Do
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Voltage Amplification
  • Infrasound Recorder with the Arduino Pro Mini: A Sample Project from Elektor’s “Arduino & Co.” Book

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