Joy-IT is launching its first Kickstarter campaign with special embedded housing for the popular Raspberry Pi 4. The goal is a well-rounded embedded solution for various applications at an attractive price.

Simple but stylish housing

The Germany-based electronics company SIMAC, which is well-known for devices under the Joy-IT brand, has launched a crowd-funding campaign at Kickstarter, which aims to produce a simple but stylish housing (including an extension board). The case is suitable for using the popular Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop replacement. Of course, the housing is also ideal for all kinds of other applications, from a simple control system to a handy multimedia center for the living room.
Embedded housing from Joy-IT.
Rear view of the RPi 4 housing from Joy-IT. (SIMAC/Joy-IT)

Key features

Are you curious about the specifics? The product's most important features include:
  • Screwless assembly (magnets ensure cohesion).
  • All connections are located in the rear on one side instead of in all directions.
  • Integrated IR receiver with scripts for 99% of all remote controls.
  • Integrated On/Off switch.
  • Freely programmable and switchable LED RGB lighting.
  • Active, speed-controlled fan, adjustable and switchable.
  • Magnetic flap for the RPi-GPIO port.
An open case
Open case with controlled fan and board. (SIMAC/Joy-IT)

Embedded housing campaign details

The Kickstarter campaign has begun and will end on November 15, 2020. Three different versions are available at the subscription price:
  • Pure multimedia housing including worldwide free shipping.
  • Multimedia housing including 64-GB microSD card with OS (Kodi including Apps).
  • Multimedia housing including 64-GB microSD card and RPi 4 with 4-GB RAM.

Innovative products from the fields of IoT, open-source and measurement technology have been sold under the well-known Joy-IT brand since 1996.