Let's say you overhear three engineers discussing “ethical electronics” over a beer. When you hear "ethical electronics," are you inspired or do you roll your eyes? Submit your answer on YouTube or Twitter
Interested in electronics and the ethical questions facing engineers, executive, academics, and makers? You participate in the 2022 World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF), which is scheduled for November 15, 2022, in Munich, Germany. As the Elektor team prepares for the event, we encourage you to think along with us about some of the most pressing ethics-related topics of our time. You can participate in a variety of ways: take our regular polls, consider contributing, or share your thoughts in the Discussion section below this post.
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Ethics Matters

Join us for the second annual World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF) on November 15, 2022, at electronica in Munich. The event will feature engaging talks about a wide range of electronics-related ethical issues, such as SDGs, eco-friendly design processes, the EU Green Deal, ethics in HR, STEM education, and much more. Do any of these subjects interest you? Get involved! 

The WEEF team includes working engineers, journalists, and executives from Elektor, ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS, Lenthe, and electronica. Our mission is to inspire global innovators in the electronics industry with an open discussion about ethics and sustainable development goals. We are asking community members, potential speakers, and attendees to consider the following questions.
  • Do electrical engineers, makers, and executives have an ethical responsibility to use their technical skills and innovations in positive ways?
  • What sort of role should ethics play in how electronics companies conduct business?
  • How can executives incorporate sustainable development, equipment recycling, green manufacturing, and social responsibility in their business plans?
  • Do your personal sourcing and logistics-related decisions affect your local community and environment?

WEEF 2022

Participate in WEEF

Would you like to get involved with WEEF? Let us also know if you would like to give a speech, submit a video, or join a debate about ethical electronics. We are looking to initiate discussions about recycling electronics, sustainable development goals, eco-friendly design, STEM education, the ethical workplace, and other related topics. You can participate in WEEF 2022 live on-site or live online.