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Fight the crisis, whack a banker

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Fight the crisis, whack a banker
Fight the crisis, whack a banker

The financial crisis that currently reigns is indeed like rain, it affects all of us, but there is not a whole lot you can do about it. Sit through it and try not to get frustrated. What, too late? Frustrated already by those few bankers that managed to make a profit out of your loss of spending power? Well then, quickly head over to Tim Hunkin’s place and have a go at this excellent game “Whack a Banker” that he built out of scrap arcade games.


Whack a Banker is not a new game, it was built during the financial crisis that ended in 2009, but engineer and cartoonist Tim, like all of us, got lucky when the crisis hit again. His game was inspired by an old arcade game Whack a Mole. Tim scavenged bits and pieces from an old Pac Man machine and a Whack a Mole clone, added plywood, creativity and design & building skills and created Whack a Banker. His game has been successful since it was first exposed with players enthusiastically whacking away, letting their frustration run free. Luckily Tim made his machine strong and sturdy because the hammers don’t live long.

Photo: Tim Hunkin

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