Original publication: Elektor Magazine no. 3 / 2017 (March & April), p. 120 - 127.
Author: Jan Lichtenbelt.
Elektor Store items: PCB; programmed microcontroller; kit of parts. (see below)
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Note: Since its publication of the project in 2017, components, software elements, webpages and other elements mentioned in the original article may be subject to updating to the present day.

A well-known electronics store has been selling a very simple lead-acid battery activator for many years. Although I can't prove it, my lead-acid batteries do seem to last longer since I started using the activator. The principle behind this circuit is very simple. The battery is loaded with a current of about 100 A for a period of 100 µs, which is repeated every 30 seconds. But my circuit is capable of more, which is discussed at length in article from 2017.



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