Omron MOSFET relays are semiconductor relays, suitable for analogue switching. MOSFETS are a benchmark within solid state relays, featuring photocoupler construction, employing LED, PDA and a pair of mosfet chip. Using the latest advances in technology, MOSFET relays have still broader usage on market, replacing reed relays SSR with either phototriac or phototransistor or photothyristor, or even standard electromechanical relays.


  • Long operation life
  • High switching speed
  • Acoustic noise free
  • Space saving
  • Operation power saving
  • High energy efficiency


  • Security Equipment: smoke detectors, home security panels, PIR, video intercom systems
  • Factory Automation/Industrial Equipments: machine tools, customized power supplies, PLC,
         thermostats, Timers, servo amplifiers
  • Test & Measurement Equipment: semi-conductor test equipment (ATE), interface boards, 
         tester for cars, PXI module, data loggers, I/O board
  • Communication Equipment: modems, fax machines, netrowk devices and PBX transfer devices
  • Energy-related Equipment: Business management systems, power meters, secondary power supplies 
         and photovoltaic systems
  • Amusement/Payment equipment: currency sensing modules, coin dispensers, information systems
  • Energy Management: smart meters


G3VM: Omron MOSFET relays Datasheet