The STGAP2DM is the second FET dual-channel driver chip in the STGAP2 family from STMicroelectronics featuring galvanic isolation. It accepts low-voltage control inputs to drive two isolated output channels. The two channels can be used for both unipolar and bipolar gate control.

The built-in electrical isolation of the STGAP2DM can withstand voltage levels up to 1700 V providing a high level of safety. In addition, the built-in galvanic isolation simplifies system design and results in a finished circuit requiring fewer components occupying a smaller PCB footprint. The two 26 V rail-to-rail outputs with 4 A control current drive are also suitable for use with industrial motor controllers and high-performance frequency converters. Other areas of application include battery charging, welding and induction heaters as well as universal power supplies and converters.

The integrated safety features simplify circuit design and lead to improved reliability of the finished product. The chip has dedicated Brake and Shutdown pins as well as thermal shutdown and UVLO (Under-Voltage Lockout) interlocking to prevent both outputs being active at the same time. The device monitors input activity to enter a power-saving safe standby mode.

The inputs are compatible with TTL / CMOS logic at 3.3 / 5 V levels, providing simple and versatile interfacing to controller circuitry. A propagation delay of only 80 ns between input and output makes the device suitable for operation with high frequency PWM signals, ensuring high precision switching. The STAGP2DM driver is already in production and available in SO-16 package featuring optimized pin-outs to simplify board layout. Unit pricing starts at $2.17 (for orders of one thousands units).