The start of a new year is always an opportune time for Elektor engineers and editors to reflect on the past and to prepare for the future. After reviewing some highlights from 2022, we offer an overview of some of the exciting content, projects, and plans for 2023.

2022 in Review

During this busy year, Elektor’s editorial and engineering team achieved many successes, despite all the challenges presented by global economic conditions. What drove us to succeed? At all times, the needs and technical interests of the engineers, maker pros, and students in our global community were our top priorities. As we kicked off every project – whether it was an extra-thick edition of Elektor Mag, a webinar, or a live event — we always had our members in mind. Here are a few of the notable projects that we delivered. 
Elektor Lab in Aachen - happy new year
Elektor opened a new lab in 2022 in Aachen, Germany
Elektor Mag 2022: In its 61st year, Elektor delivered a top-notch batch of editions in four languages: English, Dutch, French, and German. This year, each edition had a “focus,” and we spent a lot of time preparing articles (as well as webinars and videos) on these important topics: Motor Control (Jan/Feb), Embedded Development (Mar/Apr), IoT (May/June), Test & Measurement (July/Aug), Summer Circuits 2022 (Aug), Wireless Applications (Sep/Oct), Production & Components (Nov/Dec), Elektor Works (HR Edition, Dec), and Elektor Mag: Guest-Edited by Arduino (Dec).
PRINT (Gold) - Summer Circuits mag image (2).png

Elektor Lab Talk: Each month, Elektor Lab team engineers and editors talk shop, share engineering insights, plan future electronics projects, discuss Elektor Mag, and chat like-minded electronics enthusiasts. Join Mathias Claussen (Senior Engineer, Elektor) and Jens Nickel (Editor in Chief, Elektor) as they discuss a wide variety of topics, such as rapid prototyping, embedded programming, DIY MCU projects, retro electronics, and lab equipment. 

Elektor Mag: Arduino Guest-Edited EditionIn 2022, Arduino engineers worked closely with Elektor's content team to create a special edition of Elektor Mag, which is available in English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian. The guest-edited magazine touches on a variety of topics, including Arduino Pro applications, DIY projects, and gaming with Arduino. It’s a collector’s item!
Arduino toc 2022

Electronics Industry Jobs and Recruiting in 2022 (HR Edition): At the end of 2022, Elektor's editorial team published a human resources-focused edition of Elektor Mag. The magazine includes state-of-the-industry investigations and insights from pro engineers, academics, industry leaders, and recruiters in the electronics sector. Download a free copy!
HR-2022-Edition-download - happy new year

Summer Circuits 2022: During the summer of 2022, we brought back an Elektor classic: Summer Circuits! The extra-thick, 140-page edition showcased the work of dozens of innovative engineers and makers from all over the globe. Here are just a few of the inspiring projects: Two Rotary Encoders on One Analog Input, DIY Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Ultra-Simple Stereo Amplifier, External Mains Filter, Simple AVR ATtiny13-Based PWM Generator, and Acoustic Proximity Sensor. The magazine had something for everyone, from embedded enthusiasts to audiophiles to analog aficionados. 

Classic Circuit: US-Style Siren: Each year, Elektor’s engineering and product teams work together to bring you exciting new Elektor kits, books, and tools. Our US-Style Siren Kit is a great example.  Based on Elektor reader Ludwig Libertin's classic circuit from 2003, the easy-to-assemble kit makes a great addition to a workbench, desk, or bookcase. Once assembled, simply press a button to play one of three different US-style sounds: fire, police, or ambulance. 

Elektor TV: Tens of thousands of engineers and makers tuned in to Elektor TV last year for tutorials, project ideas, in-depth interviews, and product reviews. Here are a few of the most popular views of the year:

Elektor Academy: Looking to level-up your engineering skills? Want to dive into electronics-related topics with Elektor experts? Elektor Academy is a helpful video-based resource for electronics engineers, programmers, and maker pros looking for relevant courses and tutorials. Recent courses have covered the following topics: debugging Arduio code, neural networks, and building reusable software.

Elektor Engineering InsightsElektor Industry Insights is a livestream for busy engineers, maker, and students who want to stay informed about electronics. In each episode, Stuart Cording (Editor, Elektor) covers real engineering challenges and solutions with electronics industry experts. Topics have included RISC-V, display technology, embedded Linux, software-defined vehicles, the patent application process, and more.

The Elektor Fortissimo-100: Want a high-end audio power amplifier? The Elektor Fortissimo-100 is for you. The kit contains everything you need to construct a Fortissimo-100 mono block, including a set of high-quality PCBs, the heatsink, and key mechanical parts. Check it out.

Looking Ahead to 2023: A New Year

In the coming year, we’re planning many more exciting Elektor Mag editions, engineering projects, events, livestreams, courses, books, and webinars. Check out our editorial calendar below, and make sure you follow our website and social media accounts for real-time updates on everything Elektor!
2023 Elektor editorial calendar - a new year

Want to submit a project or write an article? The easiest way to start the ball rolling is to post your initial ideas on the Elektor Labs platform. Log in with your free account and start collaborating with Elektor engineers and editors!

Happy New Year!