Elektor Summer Circuits 2022

In 2021, Elektor celebrated its 60th anniversary. During the year, we took the opportunity to dive deep into our archives and to talk to many of the electronics enthusiasts who have been loyal to Elektor for decades. Long-time readers and contributors told us about how fondly they remember Elektor’s past Summer Circuit issues, which were always packed with projects and circuits of all sizes. And so, at the end of 2021, it was clear to everyone in the Elektor team that we should bring back the Summer Circuits edition. And so we did! The current Elektor Summer Circuits edition showcases the work of dozens of innovative thinkers from all over the globe. 
Many colleagues and external authors have contributed to the extra-thick Summer Circuits 2022 edition of Elektor. As in the past, we’ve placed special emphasis on simple circuits, and, of course, we’ve added a dash of nostalgia. And, in keeping with tradition, this summer issue has a very special, colorful cover. The 2022 cover features artwork by American artist Kelly Heaton, whose fascinating image captures the beauty of even the simplest electronic components. Whether you are a pro engineer or weekend DIYer, we’ve got projects for everyone: a simple stereo amplifier, a DC/DC boost converter, a low-power IR switch, and much more. Enjoy the issue!

Articles, Project Files & Downloads

The 140-page Summer Circuits 2022 edition of Elektor features 50-plus circuits and projects, many of which have associated downloads (e.g., code and PCB files).

On this page, we offer you links to all the necessary files. Good luck on your next project! Be sure to share your innovations on the Elektor Labs platform. 

Elektor Lab Talk - Join the Livestream!

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Are you passionate about DIY electronics, programming, or engineering theory? Curious about how Elektor put together the Summer Circuits edition? Join us on August 18, 2022, at 18:00 CEST for another live edition Elektor Lab Talk. Mathias Claussen (Senior Engineer, Elektor) and Jens Nickel (Editor in Chief, Elektor) will talk about Elektor Summer Circuits 2022 edition and many of the projects inside.

They will also give away five free Elektor US-Style Sirens! Tune in on YouTube to join the disussion and to share your thoughts!

Mathias Claussen is a senior engineer and technical editor at Elektor. Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/ElektorMathias. Jens Nickel is Elektor’s Editor in Chief. In addition to programming, he enjoys electronic music and video production. You can reach him at editor@elektor.com.


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