Hear Hear — 10 millionth Raspberry Pi shipped

September 12, 2016 | 00:00
10 millionth Rapsberri Pi computer shipped
10 millionth Rapsberri Pi computer shipped
We know that embedded technology has the potential of enthusing large crowds, including Elektor readers, but any of this tech stuff making it into the venerable UK Houses of Parliament seemed hard to imagine. And yet, last Thursday even the politicians were made aware of the power of bits and bytes during an event to celebrate the 10-millionth Raspberry Pi computer board shipped.

Uniquely, RPi distributors RS Components and Farnell element14 both participated in the event and issued their own comments marking the occasion. Apparently no fierce debating occurred!

RS Electronics: “We have announced in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi Foundation that the cumulative sales total for Raspberry Pi products has now reached 10 million units, further cementing its position as the best-selling British computer ever. RS has played an important role – from the very beginning in February 2012 - in enabling the Raspberry Pi to reach this impressive sales landmark. In addition to being an authorised distributor, RS is one of the official manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi and, during peak production, produces just short of 1400 boards per hour with manufacturing partner Sony at its factory in the UK.”

element14: “We have partnered the Raspberry Pi Foundation since 2012, has manufactured and sold over 6.5 million Raspberry Pis, and has an exclusive customization service for the Raspberry Pi for customers in industry. This has been an incredible journey. The Raspberry Pi began as something special for the education and maker market. Now, the Raspberry Pi has been embraced by industry and element14 has a successful customization programme focused on this market.

Although no closing memorandum was produced or a bill for parliament filed, all present at the event agreed that the RPi is a great tool for encouraging young minds to get into the coding mindset.
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