Home is where your 2.2-kWh battery is

January 26, 2016 | 12:44
Home is where your 2.2-kWh battery is
Home is where your 2.2-kWh battery is
Tesla isn’t the only one building batteries for your home. As Elon Musk & Co. promote their Powerwall concept, other industry giants, including Samsung and Panasonic and LG Chem, are fashioning similar devices that can store energy for use when the power grid goes down or electricity prices rise. We hear increasingly voiced that, when paired with solar panels, private individuals’ batteries can further reduce the general dependence on fossil fuels, which still provide so much of today’s grid power.
Its’s fair to ask through if the economics of these batteries really make sense, and more dramatically, are they worth it even if you don’t have solar panels?
Orison, a small startup based in San Diego, advocates that people really do want these home batteries. Hence they’re offering a rather friendly version of the technology via a yet another Kickstarter campaign. The device they have in mind is unusually small and light, weighing only about 18 kgs. You can install it on your own, inside the house, simply by plugging into an ordinary AC wall socket — just contribute a trifling $1K6 to their Kickstarter campaign.

The device stores only about 2.2 kWh of power but Orison say you can install additional devices for only $1K1 each. Devices are either wall mounted or stand on the floor, and both models double as an LED light fixture. The company says its batteries will ship in Q3 2016.
Meanwhile, similar devices can at least expand your use of solar power — which provides home owners with some peace of mind as it helps push the larger world toward sustainable energy. Orison, at least, provides a simpler path to that peace of mind.
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