For our special Power and Energy edition, let's take a look back at the Embedded World 2023 trade show, and meet a very interesting IC manufacturer! This video features an engaging interview by Stuart Cording from Elektor, with Brian McCarthy and Steven Magee from Qorvo, a semiconductor manufacturer born from the merger of RF Micro Devices and TriQuint Semiconductor in 2015. You may also remember the name Qorvo thanks to their recent release of QSPICE.

This video showcases the exciting introduction of the PAC22140 and PAC25140. Brian McCarthy describes these as the industry's first intelligent, fully integrated, 10-cell to 20-cell battery management parts.

Discover Qorvo's Power Applications Controller (PAC) product family, the unique integration of digital logic and analog circuitry in the new PAC 22000 series, and the targeted applications for these innovative battery management products. McCarthy's insights into software tools, development kits, and GUIs available to engineers wishing to test these products are very instructive.

Furthermore, Steven Magee then gives a detailed demonstration of the PAC22140 using the test bench that Qorvo brought to the show, explaining its system architecture and some features of the demo board. He focuses on technical aspects such as cell balancing, integrated protections, and digital communication protocols like UART, SPI, I²C, and CAN between the battery system and the host system.

Whether you're an engineer working on the design of a battery-powered product, or simply curious about the advancements in semiconductor technology, this video will be instructive! Watch it below:

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