The new Tektronix IsoVu measuring system announced earlier this year is now available. IsoVu allows accurate, galvanically isolated measurements to be made over a wide bandwidth. Differential signals up to ±50 Vpk, superimposed on large common-mode voltages, can be measured with outstanding common-mode suppression.

The IsoVu platform uses electro-optical conversion for complete isolation of the object being measured from the connected oscilloscope. The system includes four separate lasers, an optical sensor, five fiber optics, and refined feedback and control systems. The sensor head connected to the test point is fully electrically isolated from the receiver, which is separately powered through one of the fiber optic links. Ten patent applications have been filed for the technologies used in this system.

With IsoVu, small differential signals from 5 mV to 50 V on top of large common-mode voltages can be measured accurately from DC to 1 GHz. IsoVu is the only isolated measuring system for which the common-mode suppression does not decline at higher frequencies. There are six different versions available with the new IsoVu technologies, featuring bandwidths of 200 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz and fiber optic cable lengths of 3 or 10 meters, and with prices starting at $12,000.