Lighting control with DALI

March 23, 2016 | 21:03
Lighting control with DALI
Lighting control with DALI
DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) defines a data protocol and transport mechanism for lighting control in building automation. The standard is becoming increasingly important and the Berlin based electronic manufacturers Code Mercenaries have introduced some new DALI chips and modules.

The LED-Warrior09BT-UP is a Bluetooth-to-DALI bridge in a flush mounted box (Bluetooth 4.0). This provides access to the DALI system from your mobile device. The app that goes with this bridge can be tailored to customer specific requirements.
The LED-Warrior13 is a DALI master chip, with inputs for up to 16 switches.  This is useful for more complex lighting set ups. Its I²C interface allows it to operate as a bridge to and from other protocols.

The LED-Warrior14 is a type II DALI master which supports transmission of all 16-bit forward telegrams and will act as a bridge between DALI and other systems. It is available as a chip or mounted in a module. The LED-Warrior14U-DR is a USB-to-DALI bridge for DIN rail mounting.

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