Look Mom! dynamic LED lighting inside bicycle frame

December 23, 2015 | 11:16
Phantom Frames bike with in-frame dynamic LED lighting
Phantom Frames bike with in-frame dynamic LED lighting
Many bicycle owners and riders are adamant on safety specifically when vehicle lighting is concerned. Seeing in the dark is not usually a problem, being seen by motorists, is. Interestingly now, the ‘cool’ factor and road safety are not conflicting interests.

Materials specialist Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) has announced the results of a partnership with bicycle frame manufacturer Phantom Frames that has yielded a youth bike with a transparent frame including dynamic LED lighting inside the frame. The project demonstrates the flexibility of Makrolon 2807 polycarbonate (PC) material that is being applied in a host of solid-state lighting (SSL) applications. And now we have a bike frame made from the material, in an application where strength and durability is clearly important.

For the kids that ride the bikes, the LED-based PC design will be all about the style and cool factor. Phantom will offer models in five colors and with customizable flashing patterns. Covestro and Phantom Frames jointly state that their pioneering children’s product will help improve the safety of bike riding while boosting the fun factor.

Phantom has already implemented the transparent frame and LED lighting in its 12-inch Balance Bike. Later, the company plans to offer the technology in 12-inch Pedal, 16-inch Pedal, and Tricycle models. For now we eagerly await Jay Leno’s enlighted review of Phantom Frame’s latest product.
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