Again on Kickstarter, start-up IoT module manufacturer, Pycom is launching LoPy – a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRa (Low Power WAN) enabled module supporting 10 x faster programming with MicroPython scripting.

LoPy's use of MicroPython's open source scripting language is said to reduce microcontroller coding time Applications for developers using the LoPy include long range messaging device for outdoor expeditions where the LoPy becomes the bridge between a smartphone and the LoRa network. Or consider a pet/person/vehicle tracker with the LoPy and a GPS receiver and an agriculture sensor to monitor temperature, soil moisture and sun light on farm land and crops.

The LoPy is being developed following feedback from Pycom's WiPy Kickstarter backers where 60% expressed a preference for a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module and 20% for a new Wi-Fi and LoRa module. The LoPy has all three and doubles up as a LoRa Nano Gateway able to connect up to 100 other LoPys in a 5-km radius.