Imagine you have two pieces of a magnetic latch and switch sensor in a three-pin package. What do you get when you combine the two devices into one? Indeed, a dual magnetic latch and switch sensor in a four-pin package. This doesn’t sound very exciting, but what if we tell you that the device we are talking about actually combines two separate silicon dies into one package? Still not impressed? Well, according to the manufacturer of these new devices, you should.

Indeed, Melexis claim that their new, second-generation programmable Hall-effect sensors are the first in the world to feature two silicon dies in a single package, and that this represents a major advance in magnetic sensing technology. Two dies together can not only provide redundant operation, important for the automotive market, they also offer better accuracy because the sensitive points are closer together than would be possible with two separate devices.

The first products featuring this kind of cohabitation are the MLX92292, capable of detecting lateral magnetic fields, not just orthogonal, and the MLX92232. Both integrate a voltage regulator, Hall sensing functionality (with advanced offset cancellation system) and an open-drain output driver in a single 4-pin THT package (MLX92293) or 8-pin SMT SO-8 package (MLX92292).

Image source: Melexis