In this video we present the Makerfabs kit for a 6-DOF robot arm controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico board. It is a all-metal arm which, measures 44 cm when fully extended. DOF is short for Degree(s) of Freedom, which, in the case of a robot arm, means a servo. This arm has six of them, allowing it to move in six different spots independently of the other servos.

Controlled By a Pico Board

The Makerfabs arm with its six servos is controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico board mounted on a small extension board that provides the connections to the servos, the power supply (5 V, 6 A), a buzzer, and a push button. It is intended to be programmed in MicroPython, but this is, of course, not an obligation. However, the driver and examples are written in MicroPython and can be downloaded from GitHub.

Hints & Tips

Assembling the robot arm properly requires a bit of patience and some perseverance. Even though the arm is quite easy to use thanks to its driver and demo written in MicroPython, it should be tamed step by step or accidents may happen. In this video we give a few practical tips that will help you assemble the robot arm more easily and use it in a safe way.