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May the sun shine on Nuna6

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
May the sun shine on Nuna6
May the sun shine on Nuna6

Nuna6 is the lightest car ever driven by the team, weighing in at approximately 145 kilos – about half the weight of the original Nuna that competed in 2001. At exactly 444 centimetres long, the car is also the smallest of the Nuna fleet. All the key elements of the previous models have been enhanced to produce the Nuna6. The car’s electric motor performs with an efficiency of 98% and air resistance has been reduced by almost 10% compared with the Nuna5. The next few months will be spent making the Nuna6 race-ready and equipping it with the very latest technology.


Since 2010, 13 talented students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have been carrying out top-secret work on their latest solar vehicle. Only cars that are 100% solar powered are allowed to compete in the World Solar Challenge. The 2011 competition is set to take place between October16 and 23 and, just like in previous years, teams will be challenged to drive a distance of 3,000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide.


The team is heading to Australia with the aim of bringing the solar racing world cup home to Delft once more. After four consecutive victories in previous years, the 2009 team finished second in 2010’s highly competitive race. First place this year will mean a fifth victory for the Delft students.

At this year’s World Solar Challenge, strict requirements have been set concerning solar panels. The Nuna6 uses 6 m2 silicon cells. Teams can choose between 6 m2 ‘terrestrial’ silicon solar cells or 3 m2 ‘space’ cells, said to be more efficient. For the first time, the Nuon Solar Team has opted for silicon cells.


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