Media Kit 2018! Get your marketing campaign started.

December 11, 2017 | 11:18
Media Kit 2018! Get your marketing campaign started.
Media Kit 2018! Get your marketing campaign started.
Elektor proudly presents you the Media Kit 2018. Gain a small insight into Elektor, the long standing and constantly growing company and publisher in the electronics business. With the worldwide renowned Elektor Magazine, which for 55 years has remained at the forefront as the primary information source on all aspects of electronics, the new Elektor Business Magazine, our new Business-to-Business platform, as well as our Elektor Store, where we sell a wide variety of hardware, software and content, Elektor is set to stay strong and prosperous in a constantly shifting market.

Therefor we invite you to our wide range of partnership opportunities, and got you covered with our Media Kit 2018, so that you can start your marketing and budget planning well-prepared. Here you find the most important information about reaching hundreds of thousand electronics engineers in over 90 countries – whether it’s with classic advertisements, modern forms of marketing, or campaigns tailored to your needs and preferences.

You can find detailed information about Elektor, the possibilites and varieties of advertising we offer, or about the traffic generated by our 345.000 active subscribers. Get detailed information about where our readers are from, which positions they have ( 5% CEOs is indeed an impressive number), as well as the Deadlines and Themes for each Elektor Magazine that will be published in 2018, so that you can have the best fit possible for your marketing campaign.
Monthly Views Elektor Store websites Views Elektor Magazine websites E-zine members
.NL 101.814 101.807 18.755
.COM 120.292 208.712 62.497
.FR 80.610 83.802 18.212
.DE 180.281 234.786 36.834

Choose between adverts in our print edition, publish native content in our Business Magazine, generate views with your campaign on our online sites in languages of your preference and much more. You can book a Newsroom for your editorial profile in our community, reach our subscribers via our newsletter, or take part in one of our many special events, in particular the electronica Fast Forward Award powered by Elektor.

Download our Media Kit 2018 below, request a print edition for free or give us a call for customized solutions and follow up questions. 
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