0.96″ screen with portrait orientation mode

OLED displays, which revolutionised the optoelectronics market two decades ago, are constantly evolving. On the one hand, their electrical performance and lifespan are improving, while on the other, they continue to undergo the miniaturisation process.

The REX64128A series of displays from Raystar is a perfect example of the technological improvements in the field of organic light-emitting diodes (i.e. OLEDs). The displays not only stand out for their compact size of just 0.96 inch (at a resolution of 64x128 pixels), but also for their highly affordable price.
Miniature OLED display from Raystar
REX064128AWPP3N0Y0 OLED display
The model of displays presented here has been optimised for presenting visual content in portrait (vertical) orientation. Thanks to the use of OLEDs, it does not require a backlight, as each pixel is, in fact, an individual light source – as a result, such displays are ultra thin (especially when compared to TFT or LCD versions). In addition, the REX64128A features high image quality and a contrast ratio of up to 10 000:1.

Thanks to low power consumption and ability to operate even at 1.65 V to 3.3 V DC, this type of display is a perfect fit for wearables, as well as for mobile and battery-powered applications. The compact size also means that it can be used as a simple indicator or a part of a physical human-machine interface (HMI). This will surely enrich the variety of messages displayed by the device and make using it much more intuitive.

The REX64128A display features a SH1107-compliant controller with a control circuit adapted for operation via serial interfaces: I2C and 4-wire SPI.
Type of display OLED
Kind of display graphic
Screen size 0.96"
Display resolution 64x128
Dimensions 14x28x1.26 mm
Window dimensions (H x W) 10.86x21.74 mm
Colour white
Number of pins 13
Kind of controller SH1107
Connector pinout 1x13
Ribbon cable pitch 0.7 mm
Display technology COG
Touchpad none

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