modum’s Monitoring System Using Sensirion’s Temperature Sensor STS3x

October 15, 2018 | 10:00
Image: Sensirion
Image: Sensirion AG has developed a compact data logger for temperature-controlled shipments that features Sensirion’s STS3x high-accuracy, calibrated digital temperature sensor. As part of the monitoring solution for enabling EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliance, it is capable of tracking environmental conditions for a variety of temperature-sensitive goods including pharmaceutical products.
Accuracy, compliance and auditability of the measurements are guaranteed by combining Sensirion’s calibrated temperature sensors with state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Upon receipt of a package, the receiver downloads the cryptographically signed measurement data from the temperature logger and the signed metadata such as the individual Sensirion serial number for end-to-end traceability. All data is wirelessly transmitted and checked by shipment-specific "smart contracts" on the block-chain, a decentralized digital ledger used to immutably store and verify its compliance with the conditions previously agreed to by the sender and receiver, allowing them to either release the product or arrange corrective or preventative actions.
"By combining calibration of each component during production, performance verification during final inspection, and full traceability of each component, Sensirion provides temperature sensors able to fulfill stringent GDP requirements in pharma. The temperature sensors provide a digital output and have an outstanding accuracy of up to 0.1 °C, guaranteed by a 100% test coverage of each sensor that leaves the factory," says Dr. Maximilian Eichberger, Product Manager at Sensirion.
"Reliable sensors that provide accurate data are one of the key elements for meaningful real-world interfaces to blockchains," says Dr. Stefan Weber, responsible for modum’s IoT (Internet-of-Things) strategy. "As a fully automated wireless solution, significant cost savings can be achieved over current industry practices. Using the data collected by modum’s services, the op-portunities for improving the supply chain in many sectors in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, environmental impact, customer service and regulatory compliance are limitless."
Sensirion’s STS3x products come in a compact form factor of 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 mm3 and are suitable for many battery-operated IoT applications, thanks to the low power consumption and wide supply voltage range of 2.15-5.5 V. The sensors are suitable in particular for products that cannot compromise on accuracy and reliability. The sensors are fully calibrated, linearized and supply voltage-compensated, making a correction or calibration by the user unnecessary. As with all sensors by Sensirion, the STS3x is based on the unique CMOSens® Technology, which integrates the sensing element and read-out electronics onto a single chip, enabling high production volume at an exceptional price/performance ratio.
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