MS HoloLens, the future of computing (they say)

March 2, 2016 | 09:28
Microsoft Hololens package as seen with non-VR glasses
Microsoft Hololens package as seen with non-VR glasses
The HTC Vive isn't the only device in the recent VR headset craze: Microsoft has opened up applications (!) for the HoloLens Developer Edition. Windows Insiders can apply for two devices priced at a mere $3K each, with shipping (promised) to start on 30 March. The Hololens package comprises a headset, along with a carry case, a Bluetooth controller, an AC adapter and a spare nose-arch. Microsoft pledge that early developers will get "immediate access to hundreds of UWP apps through the Windows Store – great and familiar apps like OneDrive, Maps, Remote Desktop, People, Movies & TV, Groove Music and Microsoft Office apps." We want tech speak. Hololens is powered by the Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) and Intel 32-bit architecture, there’s 2 GB of RAM on board, along with 64 GB of storage. Battery life is stated as 2-3 hours for active use and the headset weighs just under 580g. Billed as "the future of computing" when it was unveiled at the Windows 10 launch event l...

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