The new IoT Smart Lighting Manager from ams can be controlled through its network connection, a serial UART, by means of simple, text-based commands. Direct connection to 0-10V dimmers is possible too. The device with embedded tri-stimulus color sensing for direct CIE color point mapping and control is intended to be integrated directly into luminaires.

Besides color sensor the AS7221 also integrates correlated color temperature (CCT or “Kelvin-tuning”) control and an I2C extension interface. Automatic configuration support for ams’ TSL4531 ambient light sensor in included too. LED control for spectral tuning is implemented via direct PWM channel outputs.

The AS7221 is the first extension to ams recently announced Cognitive Lighting smart lighting manager family. It will be available in a 5x5 mm LGA package, for flexible integration into both luminaires and larger replacement lamps.