We are now offering you the opportunity to purchase the second edition of a book, focusing on the programming language Python 3 - one of the most popular languages around with the selling point of the speed of programming. This edition is aimed at people who want to interface PCs with hardware projects using graphical user interfaces. 

The book has been revised and updated for your entertainment, and focuses on getting the user to produce practical designs with ease using only a text editor - this means you can put the designs in to practice whilst working through the book! Full descriptions of the source code and communication interface for each project is giving in the book using Arduino Uno as a remote slave, and an introductory chapter is included to get you started using Linux. The book is written for use with Debian or variations including Mint or Ubuntu. All of the programs used in the book are freely available for download on the Elektor website. 

So if you are interested in learning more about Python programming, look on the Elektor Store today! Not only that, but for a limited time only Elektor GOLD and GREEN members will get a 5 Euro discount! So get your copy today to make the most of this amazing offer.

Check out the free 39-page preview to ensure that this book is exactly what you want it to be.