High on the list of bestsellers in Elektor’s book portfolio is Dogan Ibrahim’s latest title Raspberry Pi 3 – Basic to Advanced Projects. This book details the Raspberry Pi 3 computer and its use in various control and monitoring applications.
Over 30 projects are given in the book. All are based on the Python programming language and they have been fully tested. Full program listings of every project are given in the book with comments and full descriptions. Experienced programmers should find it easy to modify and update the programs to suit their needs.
The nice feature of this book is that it covers many Raspberry Pi 3 based hardware projects using the latest hardware modules such as the Sense HAT, Swiss Pi, MotoPi, Camera module, and many other state of the art analog and digital sensors. An important feature of the Raspberry Pi 3 is that it contains on-board Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. Example projects are given in the book on using the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth modules to show how real-data can be sent to the Cloud using the Wi-Fi module, and also how to communicate with an Android based mobile phone using the Bluetooth module.
The book is ideal for self-study, and is intended for electronic/electrical engineering students, practising engineers, research students, and for hobbyists.
Tip: Download the table of contents (PDF) to ensure that this book meets your requirements.