New Elektor book explores the power of ARM

March 30, 2016 | 09:32
New Elektor book  explores the power of ARM
New Elektor book explores the power of ARM
Now in the Elektor Store we have the beginner to intermediate edition of ARM Microcontroller Projects. This book makes use of the ARM Cortex-M family of processors in easy-to-follow, practical projects. It gives a detailed introduction to the architecture of the Cortex-M family.

It is becoming increasingly important in today’s ever developing society for microcontroller users to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and architectures used in high performance 32-bit microcontrollers. ARM have addressed this and provide both 32 and 64-bit processors mainly for embedded applications. These days, the majority of mobile devices including phones, tablets and GPS receivers are based on ARM technology. The low cost, low power consumption and high performance of ARM processors makes them ideal for use in complex communication and mixed-signal applications.

This book describes the software at a high level, taking in to consideration its clock mechanisms, general input/output ports and ADC and DAC converters, and much more. It also describes in detail the mikroC Pro for ARM integrated development environment (IDE). This IDE includes everything required to create a project. This book explains clearly and in detail how to follow the projects to successfully become acquainted with the ARM microcontroller.

Not only can you now get this book in our Store, but if you order before Monday, April 18 you will get 15% discount on the purchase price! What's more, Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members get free shipping and handling on top. So don't miss out on this amazing discount and get yours today.

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