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New Elektor magazine website now online

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
New Elektor magazine website now online
New Elektor magazine website now online

Elektor is in the midst of a transition from the traditional, familiar Standard and Plus subscriptions to the more contemporary and future-proof GREEN and GOLD membership options. Incidentally, all current subscriptions have been converted to the new membership options. The process also involves major changes to the online environment for members. For example, a while ago we launched our project website called Elektor.LABS.


Until recently there was also an exclusive website for Plus subscribers, where (among other things) subscribers were able to download the three most recent issues of Elektor, and employ an advanced Elektor search engine. This website is now superseded by the new Elektor.MAGAZINE site. At www.elektormagazine.com both GREEN and GOLD Members can download digital editions of Elektor magazine (as part of their membership). But that’s not all. For example, GREEN and GOLD Members have exclusive access to the digital Elektor archive right from the start date of their membership. All issues of the magazine (including all editorial articles) from 2000 onwards are now conveniently available online as pdf files. Members who held a subscription to Elektor before 2000 can additionally access all magazines published between 1990 and 1999, meaning a long-time wish of many members has now become reality!


For non-members too, Elektor.MAGAZINE has a lot to offer. For each article published in Elektor magazine, a separate project page is available with items including software, PCB layouts, updates, web links and supplementary downloads. This information was previously available under the 'Magazine' tab at www.elektor.com. You can look up articles by year and month of publication, but the ultra-rapid search engine is also helpful for finding the article you’re looking for.


It’s certainly worth your while to browse www.elektormagazine.com. Members should log in at the top right to view instantly what Elektor.MAGAZINE has in store fore them. Former Plus subscribers can log in using their customary Elektor Plus login data. All other members can log in using their e-mail address as the user name, and their membership number as the password.

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