New Rohde & Schwarz portable Spectrum Analyzer

November 25, 2015 | 21:16
The R&S spectrum rider can extend to 4Ghz with add-ons
The R&S spectrum rider can extend to 4Ghz with add-ons
The base model of the new R&S Spectrum Rider portable spectrum analyzer is priced at $5,220 and has a measurement frequency range extending from 5 kHz up to 2 GHz. A $870 downloadable key code extends the upper frequency to 3 GHz and a further key code for the same price takes it up to 4 GHz. The 5 kHz low end lets you see frequencies lower than the standard 9 kHz. Other options include peak and average power measurements. It has a typical Displayed Average Noise Level of –160 dBm between 10 MHz and 3 GHz and phase noise of -105 dBc (1 Hz) at 100 kHz offset and the level accuracy is typically 0.5 dB between 10 MHz and 4 GHz.

The 294 x 202 x 76 mm instrument weighs 2.5 kg and has large buttons and a 7” color capacitive touchscreen, making it easy to operate in the field. It can be remotely controlled via USB or LAN and a built-in measurement wizard automates measurements, reducing measurement times and enabling operators with little RF expertise to reliably carry out measurement tasks. Settings and results are saved to a 32 Gbyte microSD card. The data sheet indicates that you can expect a full 8 hours operation from its 6.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery pack. The R&S Spectrum Rider has been field-tested in line with MIL PRF 28800F Class 2 and comes with protected interfaces and ports.
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